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Wedding Frustration

After hours of searching through wedding and review websites and pages of Google search results, sending in quote requests, and emailing back and forth I’m absolutely annoyed and disgusted with the prices that get charged for hair and makeup. I think it’s insane that to get hair and makeup for 6 people I’ll probably have to spend more than I did on my freaking wedding dress. -____-’ I don’t get it. I’m contemplating doing it myself, but I really want the airbrush stuff. Ahg!

What’s wrong with me?

This Saturday, I will be going dress shopping for my wedding and I am completely DREADING it. Every time I think about it I start feeling sick. I just looked through all of the dresses on David’s Bridal’s website and now I literally feel sick to my stomach. I don’t know why this is happening, but it’s probably a good thing I’ve been putting this off.

Is this normal? Should I be so nervous about this?

I know it’s probably all because of my low self-esteem, but damn. I’m so just so scared that I won’t look good. I want to be beautiful, and I just don’t really think that’s gonna be possible. I see all these pictures of brides and weddings and I just think that I won’t ever quite look like that. I hate dress shopping in general and this is one of the biggest days of my life. I’m going to have these memories and pictures for the rest of my life to pass onto my children and family. I don’t want to look like a fat, disgusting bride.

Ahg! I’m having such a major meltdown. This is the worst. -__-‘

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